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"What's in a name?" Well, in our case, almost everything.

Middlesex Lambton Huron - our organization has a geographic element to it. The churches that are part of our association are all located in either Middlesex, Lambton or Huron counties in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.  


An association of....

Our churches connect with each other voluntarily in Christian fellowship and support. Our ties are not mandated nor required, so we are truly an association of churches that work cooperatively of our own volition. The work we do to support each other is born of the common desire to see our churches remain strong in declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

...the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ).

Along with dozens of other associations across Ontario and Quebec, we gather under the banner of the CBOQ, who support churches by training leaders, supporting innovative ministries, responding to crises and providing churches with administrative and financial services. In order for a church to be part of the CBOQ, they have to be part of a local association like the MLHA. If you are a Christian church in the Middlesex, Lambton or Huron county area that desires to be part of the CBOQ, you'll do that by getting connected with us. You can find out more about the CBOQ here, and more about us here.  


The MLHA generally operates under an agreed by-law that stipulates when our meetings happen, and what committees are formed to oversee certain tasks and responsibilities. Since we are connected not only to the CBOQ, but Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM), Camp Hermosa and other organizations, these are some of the committees we maintain:



  • Association Fund Trustees - The MLHA maintains several funds to be used for specific purposes - Church grant, Trinity and Youth Discipleship. This group reviews the applications submitted for those funds. To find out more about the funds themselves and how to apply, click here .

  • Association Ministry Committee (AMC) - when pastors seek accreditation and ordination with the CBOQ, this group meets with them for interviews and assistance in that process.

  • Congregational Life and Outreach - Provides leadership and assistance to the MLHA congregations and their pastors.

  • Nominating Committee - every year we need people across the MLHA to participate and help out with the collective work of our association. This committee works to invite and include as many different churches and people as needed.

  • Stewardship Committee - manage the resources and services in support of the MLHA finances etc. 

  • Our Executive - the chairperson from each of these committees, along with our treasurer, clerk, and moderators.


  • Camp Hermosa - Find out more about the camp here.

  • Canadian Baptist Ministries - CBM is our global partner in mission work. Each year we adopt a fundraising project in cooperation with them called Missionfest. The CBM website has more detail about the work they do across the globe.

  • Canadian Baptist Women - We maintain an ongoing cooperative partnership with the CBWOQ. Click here to connect to their web site.

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