This is the MLHA Constitution and By-Law as of April 2018. If any motions are passed to update or modify this document, a new updated download will be listed here.

Grant Fund Applications

The MLHA maintains several funds to be used for grants, loans and bursaries for a variety of reasons. Very briefly, the funds are as follows:


Church Grant Fund - assistance for specific programs or to attend the CBOQ annual Assembly. See fund .pdf download for more details.


Trinity Fund - new church initiatives, facility improvement or new evangelical outreach

opportunities. See fund .pdf download for more details.


Mobility Fund - Financial assistance for those who incur expenses to address limitations of physical mobility. See fund .pdf download for more details.

Youth Discipleship Fund - financial support for any youth planning to attend a leadership training event endorsed by their pastor or church. See fund .pdf download for more details.

Council Meeting Notes - Feb 2018

At our Feb 2018 council meeting, we shared in round table discussions about our church ministries of fellowship, discipleship and outreach. We heard from each other about what things are happening in our churches in these areas, and shared the significant parts of those discussions in open sessions. The notes from that day are available here for download.