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This is the MLHA Constitution and By-Law as of April 2018. If any motions are passed to update or modify this document, a new updated download will be listed here.

Grant Fund Applications

The MLHA maintains several funds to be used for grants, loans and bursaries for a variety of reasons. Very briefly, the funds are as follows:


Church Grant Fund - assistance for specific programs or to attend the CBOQ annual Assembly. See fund .pdf download for more details.


Trinity Fund - new church initiatives, facility improvement or new evangelical outreach

opportunities. See fund .pdf download for more details.


Mobility Fund - Financial assistance for those who incur expenses to address limitations of physical mobility. See fund .pdf download for more details.

Youth Discipleship Fund - financial support for any youth planning to attend a leadership training event endorsed by their pastor or church. See fund .pdf download for more details.

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