Elders @WBC

A Question of Gender

We have recently completed a 4 week study on whether or not women would serve as elders as we head into new church governance, a question that has been a long standing matter of debate in the Christian church across all cultural boundaries and from one generation to the next. 

About 35 people participated in that study on some, if not all 4 weeks. There has been a great spirit of interest, engagement and respect for each other's questions and comments. Not everybody was able to attend every week, so we have made the notes from these sessions available below. Whether you attended any of the sessions or only some, please feel free to download the notes below if they are of interest to you. The downloads entitled "Session1, 2 or 3" are the same as those we used during our study over the first 3 weeks. The document entitled "Questions and Notes" is a summary of our final week, the questions that were raised at that time, and some space to insert some of your own notes or comments. If you are not interested in a paper copy, you will find this same questions listed here.  

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